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Lauren is a Clinical Therapist in Chicago. During the pandemic she tackled motherhood, a doctoral program, and working with patients in the Emergency Department caused a great deal of stress. I just wanted to wake up and say "I'm Well". This wellness line helped me to do things better with a luxury mindset. My Mental Wellness is a Luxury.

"A lot of people find mental health daunting.

My mission is to guide them past that fear & give them the solidity to Be Well."

-Founder Lauren Jackson, LCPC

Love Undisputedly

Stress can often be so heavy that we do not take time for self-care

Stress + Self-care = Love

Eucalyptus Lavender

Live Love Life Collection

Live Graciously

Anxiety rears its ugly head when you least expect it, but sometimes you just have to give yourself grace for the things you can handle.

Anxiety + Grace = Live

Jasmine Ylang Ylang Rosemary Lemon Oil

Life Abundantly

Depression can stop us from achieving our dreams an believing that we deserve the luxury of having all that was created for us.

Depression + Abundance = Life

Ylang Ylang Frankincense

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We are so excited that starting April 8, 2023 you can access i'm well essentials at your local black beauty collective online and in-store

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Purchased: Love Undisputedly + Live Graciously

Customer Reviews

Purchased: Love Undisputedly

Monique Shelton

Hey! So I recently purchased a candle and I wanted to say THANK YOU for explaining what CBD is, and taking the time to educate on the benefits.

I slept like a baby the first nightI had my candle!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Purchased: Love Undisputedly + Life Abundantely

Nicolia Kelly

More than a luxury brand, these candles represent an IMMERSIVE experience.

The “Love Undisputedly” candle was a tool to aid in my visualization exercises, putting me in a place of calm & ease.

Such an offering of Love

Micketa Warner

I absolutely loved the candle. It relaxed me and distressed me everytime I lit it. My whole house captured the smell. My husband burned it down to the bottom because he loved it so

Now I have to get one for my daughter because I want mine to myself :)

Great Product made with love

Rose Gold Glitter

self love

Scribbled heart


Decorative Hanging Thin Leaf Shadow

COming Soon

Rose Gold Glitter

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